24 Mar, 2021

The analysis is based on the 2014 economic census of the Central government, which maps establishments across the country

22 Mar, 2021

A strategy to stop bloodshed on Bengaluru roads: Raised pedestrian crossings to reduce accidents in 75 black spots

20 Mar, 2021

The fear of Covid-19 has led to a shift in modal preferences and commuter behaviour in cities. While more men are likely to move to private vehicles, fewer women have access to personal modes of mobility.

18 Mar, 2021

Finance Minister Sitharaman, in her union budget of 2020, initiated the funding for clean air in cities having million-plus population. Out of the Rs 4400 crores allocated, half of it, as per the finance commission guidelines, were distributed to states in November 2020. 

12 Mar, 2021

While some believe that it is important to levy parking fees to encourage public transport, others criticise the GHMC move.

05 Mar, 2021

Airbags have now been made mandatory for the front passenger seat — apart from the driver’s seat — in all new car models manufactured on or after 1 April 2021.