About Us

WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities aims to create accessible, equitable, healthy and resilient urban areas for people in India. Our goal is to help cities transform in a sustainable and inclusive way, as we work with partners to change cities from the inside out.
We support Indian cities to drive transformative change by selecting issues that are both critical and doable, and channel our energies and resources into supporting implementation of those issues on the ground. We work with city administrations and partners to enable connected, compact and coordinated cities. While doing so, we also document best practices, strengthen capacity building and invest in knowledge management.
To enhance cooperative efforts between the public and private sectors for creating sustainable urban infrastructure that supports Indian cities in their journey to be inclusive and adaptive.
We live in a rapidly urbanizing world with 7 out of 10 people projected to live in urban areas by 2050. 90% of this projected growth will take place in the global south of which a significant portion will occur in India. Current estimates suggest 36% (400 million) of India’s population is urban and, by 2050, this number will double to 800 million.
At WRI India Ross Center, we are committed to designing innovative projects that accelerate transformative urban initiatives. We work towards putting Indian cities on a sustainable trajectory – turning them into thriving, equitable and low carbon places that are good for the people and the planet. In our endeavours, we are inspired and supported by our network of experts across the world.