20 Jan, 2021

Chile, Brazil and the US issue ‘rental vouchers’ to low-income groups, which can be exchanged in lieu of rent in formal, private housing.

20 Jan, 2021

Bicycling to the workplace could be the cheapest and a healthy last mile connectivity for Mumbaikars during the pandemic.

19 Jan, 2021

The analysis by World Resources Institute (WRI) India shows that while public bike-sharing costs ₹2 for a five km ride, the same distance costs ₹5 in a BEST bus and local train (second class), ₹50 in first class and ₹20 in Metro

15 Jan, 2021

In December 2020, while speaking at the recent UN Climate Ambition Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged, ‘Centennial India will not only meet its own targets but will also exceed your expectations.’

13 Jan, 2021

India is among the world’s biggest two-wheelers markets. In fact, surveys have shown that one in three households in India owns a two-wheeler.

11 Jan, 2021

The project in Hyderabad is to express the willingness of all parties DESMI – WRI India – HMDA, Govt. of India, to engage in conducting a clean-up project upstream to the Hussain Sagar lake (the World’s largest heart shaped lake) in Hyderabad, India.

07 Jan, 2021

Reducing the use of solid fuels for cooking will reduce indoor and ambient air pollution while providing several other co-benefits such as energy security, women and children’s health benefits, empowerment, reduced inequalities, and timesaving.

06 Jan, 2021

Ambient air pollution became one of the major health threats for the Indian population during recent decades. It would go on to kill about one million people in the country in 2019.

05 Jan, 2021

The coronavirus has upended many aspects of life in cities worldwide, particularly as large numbers of white-collar workers choose to work from home and shun public transit - shifts that are likely to last, according to urban experts.

04 Jan, 2021

About 40 lakh automobiles are sold every year in the country, out of which only a quarter are purchased outright – the other 75% are financed.