Urban transformation will only emerge when systems of decision-making, planning and investment are aligned towards a more sustainable development path.

We can either choose to focus on clean, climate-smart growth or opt for 'business as usual’ and get locked into a high-carbon, inefficient, and unsustainable future.

WRI India Ross Center helps cities navigate current tensions, through transformative solutions, supporting them in their journey to be low carbon, resilient, future mobility ready and sustainable.

WRI India Ross Center brings about an impact through a mix of local expertise, on-ground pilots, scaled-up initiatives and policy shifts at the city-level, state-level and national-level. Our theory of change lies in four closely aligned approaches -

Delivering and implement strategic game-changing, integrated solutions

We support carefully chosen pilot projects in key Indian cities by deploying best practices — either by taking a localized approach or by modifying international best practices.

Adjusting and deepening our geographic focus by extending best practices

Using the learnings from our strategic game-changer projects helps us replicate best practices across Indian cities.

Redoubling efforts to scale by helping shape policies

We convene city and state agencies to shape agreements with the intent of leveraging investments and influencing local, state and national policies.

Supporting uptake of innovations in public services

We support innovation for cities by providing young enterprises with guidance, visibility and access to funding, networks and the government. We also help them develop pilot programs and scale up initiatives.