20 Jan, 2021

Bicycling to the workplace could be the cheapest and a healthy last mile connectivity for Mumbaikars during the pandemic.

19 Jan, 2021

The analysis by World Resources Institute (WRI) India shows that while public bike-sharing costs ₹2 for a five km ride, the same distance costs ₹5 in a BEST bus and local train (second class), ₹50 in first class and ₹20 in Metro

19 Jan, 2021

As cycling gains popularity across the world, a recent analysis shows that it could also prove to be the cheapest mode for last-mile connectivity in Mumbai

16 Jan, 2021

Hinting at bureaucratic hurdles, metropolitan commissioner RA Rajeev on Saturday said that there has been a lot of reluctance towards introducing cycles in Mumbai

15 Jan, 2021

In December 2020, while speaking at the recent UN Climate Ambition Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged, ‘Centennial India will not only meet its own targets but will also exceed your expectations.’