28 Jul, 2020

To further the goal of creating liveable cities, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) in partnership with Let Me Breathe and WRI India, is working towards reducing vehicular emissions and congestion in Bengaluru. “Improving Bengaluru’s mobility issues will require participation at different levels and through different stakeholders," says Sudeept Maiti (Senior Manager, Integrated Transport at WRI India).


28 Jul, 2020

Cities will likely be the predominant focus of the INR 2 trillion stimulus announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  WRI India's Pavan Ankonapalli (Lead, Urban Development) and Jaya Dhindaw (Director, Integrated Urban Planning) explain how to create an enabling environment to facilitate economic growth in Indian cities.

27 Jul, 2020

Prior to the pandemic, metros served about 8 million across 13 cities. Ensuring the safety of commuters on transport systems which experience passenger flows of of this density will need careful planning.

26 Jul, 2020

How can Indian cities take the recent cycling push as an opportunity to re-introduce the cycle as a preferred mode of transport? One way to do it will be to learn how other cities have revitalised cycling.

21 Jul, 2020

In India, 43 children die in road accidents every day. Not considering the needs of children while designing roads may have such tragic consequences. Cities must work for all, more so for the future generation that will grow in the cities. 

14 Jul, 2020

The traditional approach of bridging the revenue-cost gap in India through public subsidies will not be tenable as competing demands, to deal with the pandemic, will strain public budgets. Is it prudent then to explore newer paradigms for financing public transport?