23 Nov, 2020

Cities can work to enhance access to public parks, gardens and open spaces, with dedicated and semi-dedicated areas for young children that incorporate natural, play and sensory stimulants. 

21 Nov, 2020

Thirty-six roads being developed under the Smart Cities Mission in central business district (CBD) will wear a new look by February, urban development minister Byrati Basavaraj said on Friday after inspecting the locations.

20 Nov, 2020

WRI India published three satellite maps –October Heat series – highlighting location-specific risk exposure to citizens

16 Nov, 2020

Mumbai Metro is the only exception on the list analysed by the organisation. Mumbai has surpassed the projected ridership of around 4.2 lakh. Before the pandemic hit the city, Mumbai Metro had a ridership of 4.5 lakh on weekdays

12 Nov, 2020

Urban mobility plans and investments largely continue to remain gender-blind and to make roads and public places safe, India must strengthen the relationship between gender and mobility.

10 Nov, 2020

India’s 100 smart cities have set an example of how innovation, technology and existing infrastructure can be harnessed to strengthen, balance and coordinate on-ground action during the crisis and hereafter, in the new normal.

09 Nov, 2020

On the afternoon of Nov. 4, as the national capital was engulfed in a toxic haze, 20-year-old student Sajid Hussain stood at the traffic signal in front of India Gate with a placard in his hand.

08 Nov, 2020

India -- the world’s third-largest emitter of CO2, and fourth-largest automotive market -- is home to 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities. The transport sector is responsible for a significant amount of air pollution in the country, and the capital city of Delhi serves as a perfect example to illustrate this point.

08 Nov, 2020

A campaign to reduce vehicular pollution puts young people at risk, without clear evidence of benefits.

05 Nov, 2020

As the system recovers from COVID19-related shutdowns, it is time to focus more on station infrastructure to improve safety in light of the continuing public health threat.