Delhi 2022

Delhi 2022

Applications are now closed for the STAMP Delhi Challenge. We will be announcing our cohort shortly.


The Station Access and Mobility Program (STAMP), led by Delhi Transport Department and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, has partnered with the WRI India Ross Center and Toyota Mobility Foundation to launch the seventh edition of its Challenge in the city in 2022.

The seventh edition of the Station Access and Mobility Program was launched on September 1st, 2022, with a focus on making public transport safer and more efficient in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

We are looking for two different kinds of solutions:

  1. A mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform that will allow greater information dissemination through a single platform for journey planning and payment integration
  2. Working to build greater efficiency of existing last-mile connections through aggregating disparate services and improving connectivity with new last-mile modes in low-service areas


Over 50+ applications were received, from which 12 promising solutions were shortlisted.

Meet the STAMP Delhi Cohort

Team Product/Solution Solution Category
Meep Journey planner and ticket booking app MaaS
Lyko Journey planner and ticket booking app MaaS
Tummoc Journey planner and ticket booking app MaaS
Amnex Journey planner and ticket booking app MaaS
Open Move Journey planner and ticket booking app MaaS/Aggregator
Whide On-demand cab and rickshaw booking services, no surge prices, no commission charged to drivers per ride Aggregator
SAVAAR-E Provides shared e-rickshaw services on fixed routes connecting metro stations Aggregator/Last Mile
Metro Ride Aggregator of last-mile e-rickshaws, has managed to deliver average wait times of less than 3 minutes in previous cities Aggregator/Last Mile
SMV Green Company enabling women to drive e-rickshaws on last mile routes – both through driver training and providing access to finance for vehicle purchase Last Mile
Zero21 OEM of high-quality e-autos that will operate as fixed route last-mile services to and from metro stations Aggregator
SafetiPin AI/ML framework to analyze the safety and walkability of different last-mile routes Safety
Aatm Nirbhar Driver training program for women that enables them to become bike-taxi drivers – also partners with such operators to help such qualified women gain employment Safety


Selected enterprises will have a unique opportunity to implement three-month pilots in Delhi to:

  1. Demonstrate pilots in Delhi that focus on accessibility and better connectivity
  2. Engage with government agencies and expand networks
  3. Receive technical and financial support, as well as mentorship
  4. Explore opportunities and leverage commuter data to develop innovative solutions


Evaluation and selection of firms will happen in 3 stages:

Stage Selection Type Selection Type
1 Preliminary Selection All applications received through the STAMP portal will be evaluated and the information submitted by the firms will be carefully vetted to understand its suitability for STAMP Delhi 2022.
2 Secondary Selection Selected firms will go through another round of evaluations.
This round would focus on components such as quality, cost, sustainability, and viability of products. At this stage, STAMP will reach out to firms for further information, documentation, and proofs. There will be a workshop with shortlisted applicants and an interim jury at this stage.
3 Final Selection At the final selection, firms will have to present and pitch their product to a panel of jury members, which would include personnel from government, think tanks, leading organisations in the sector, and sectorial experts.



Important dates

September 1, 2022 Launch of STAMP Delhi Challenge
October 2, 2022 Closing of applications
October 7, 2022 Shortlisting of initial applications
October 2022 Interim Jury
November 2022 Final Pitch and Winner Announcement
mid-December 2022 Pilot operations start
March 2023 Pilot operations end
April 2023 Impact measurement of pilot solutions


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