31 May, 2021

Amit Bhatt and Jagriti Arora in Traffic InfraTech, Turn to Page 51

31 May, 2021

Rejeet Mathews in NIUA’s E-Gov magazine (scroll down to page 34)

01 May, 2021

RIVERS CHANGE course, forests catch flame, glaciers melt: Raj Bhagat Palanichamy of the World Resources Institute India, a research centre, has tracked all of these injuries to India’s landscape through satellite images. In the past year, he has been trying to map a different kind of harm, identifying infection hotspots, pinpointing hospital beds and cross-checking official fatality numbers by examining infrared images of the fires at crematoria.

21 Apr, 2021

The Central Government launched its Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) in India scheme in 2015 to promote the manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles.

16 Apr, 2021

मणि भूषण झा, डॉ. अजय सिंह नागपुरे, गाँव कनेक्शन, 16 April 2021

15 Apr, 2021

According to the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance’s (CEEW-CEF) electric mobility dashboard, the e-mobility sector in India has been slowly pulling itself out of the COVID-19 induced slump recording nearly 1.35 lakh electric vehicle (EV) registrations in FY21.