India must become the first country in the world to industrialize without carbonizing: Amitabh Kant at Connect Karo 2023
New Delhi, July 17, 2023: India’s G20 Sherpa Mr. Amitabh Kant set a high target for India, stating…
17 Jul, 2023
Rourkela Hosts Peer Learning Workshop for 10 Cities of the Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge
The Challenge enables Indian cities to adopt an early childhood lens in designing neighbourhood-…
19 May, 2023
RELEASE: WRI India’s Latest Report Assesses the Viability of Dual-Utility Autorickshaws for Commercial Deliveries
Dual utilization of autorickshaws can raise driver incomes by about 15 percent, mitigate carbon…
18 May, 2023
Accelerating Climate Action in 43 Cities Across Maharashtra
Accelerating Climate Action in 43 Cities Across Maharashtra Government of Maharashtra join hands…
16 May, 2023
BBMP to Improve 75 City Junctions in Collaboration with Bengaluru Traffic Police and WRI India
The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike announces Suraksha 75 Mission 23 to make Bengaluru’s…
27 Mar, 2023


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