Route Prioritization and Implementation Planning for E-Bus Fleet Rollout​

Electrification of public bus transport ranks high on India’s sustainable urban mobility agenda. Pivoting away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) driven buses to a pure electric format will have several benefits, including accelerating the pathway to meet the country’s 2070 net-zero target. WRI India estimates that India requires over one lakh e-buses by 2030, which is 100 times more than the current deployment.

Limited understanding of the interplay between route characteristics and electric bus operation, as well as inadequate assessment of whether and how a route should be electrified, are affecting the electric bus fleet rollout in the country. WRI India's approach is to help public and private transit agencies adopt a calibrated approach to induct electric buses in their services to ensure that the technology shift neither disrupts the quality of the bus service nor becomes burdensome for them via -

  • Techno-financial assessment of a route for e-bus deployment: To assess the technical feasibility & financial sustainability of electrifying a route.
  • Route prioritization & implementation planning inputs for route electrification: To gauge required specs of e-buses and chargers, suitable charging strategies, areal and power supply requirements, financial impacts, etc.

Towards the end, WRI India has released two solutions that support decision-making on route electrification 

  1. A Step-by-Step Guidebook: A ready reckoner for transit agencies to help them adopt a calibrated approach to induct electric buses in their services
  2. Route EValuator Solution: An easy-to-use Excel-based decision-making framework that takes real-time updates and helps plan all possible scenarios
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Benefits of the Route EValuator

Easy-to-use decision-making framework curated for Indian context
Limited and easily available inputs from user leads to concrete outputs
Systematic approach supported by case-based demonstrations
Comprehensive coverage of both intra-city & inter-city/state routes
Flexible approach and assessments that consider various future scenarios
Treats baseline operating conditions as sacrosanct; does not prescribe operational changes


The WRI Route EValuator helps transit agencies evaluate the merit for deployment of e-buses on specific routes and develop corresponding implementation plans.​

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The guidebook intends to help public and private transit agencies adopt a calibrated approach to induct e-buses in their services. ​

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