Rickshaw Rising Challenge


The Rickshaw Rising Challenge supports businesses that have the potential to transform the auto-rickshaw sector ecosystem in India.

The Challenge supports early stage entrepreneurs and companies in the auto-rickshaw space who have a product or service that targets the transformation of the intermediate transport sector by:

  • Improving operational efficiency, health impact, and emission reductions.
  • Improving customer accessibility, experience, and safety
  • Improving driver experience, education, health & safety, and income
  • Exploring the role of IT as a disruptor in the industry
  • Solutions with scale-up potential

The Challenge in sponsored by EMBARQ India and Shell Foundation and offers entrepreneurs support in 3 areas:

  • Enterprise: business development, strategy, business plan reviews, pilot design, and technical support
  • Financial: milestone-based funding of up to $50,000 to prove the concept or deliver a localized pilot
  • Exposure: access to experts, advisors, government and local authorities, funders, potential team members etc.

Applicants will submit an application that will include an executive summary of the business plan and an application form. Following the business plan review, finalists will be invited to a two-day bootcamp which culminates in a final pitch to a panel in November 2013. We anticipate selecting two award recipients.

The award recipients will begin the support program by crafting a 3 – 6 month plan with Shell Foundation and EMBARQ India. Funding will be delivered to the winner in tranches, based on milestones achieved and agreement on deliverables.

The goal of this Challenge is to support organizations through the early stages of building a stronger value proposition for their business. This will enable them to find support with larger investors and foundations in order to scale.

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This challenge is now closed.

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