21 Sep, 2020

It was suggested that TOD (transport oriented development), the Revised Master Plan and the City mobility plan be integrated and aligned so that traffic and infrastructure are equally distributed across the city. The recommendations are a result of the #BengaluruMoving campaign.

20 Sep, 2020

WRI India has partnered with Mumbai Traffic Police and Mumbai Municipal Corporation to audit and improve high-risk intersections across the city such as the HP Petrol Pump intersection in Bandra. Part of Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the project’s aim was to reduce the nearly 500 road fatalities every year in the city, more than 30% of which occur at intersections.

17 Sep, 2020

As cities look to COVID-19 recovery as a moment to reevaluate business as usual, we should consider how to better meet the special needs of young people in urban spaces. But what exactly is a “child-friendly” city? It is more than providing playgrounds. It is a commitment to improving the lives of children by realizing their human rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and considering their needs in public policy processes and decisions.


12 Sep, 2020

A research paper authored by Madhav Pai, Executive Director of WRI India Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities and two of his colleagues, research analyst Leona Nunes and senior manager Lubaina Rangwala, states that attention to station design to create more space for distancing will be key. It was recently put up in the public domain by WRI India.

12 Sep, 2020

"There is a dire need of providing healthy water supply to the slum areas of Mumbai amid the current pandemic scenario as water supply is severely irregular, government and civic bodies are required to look into this issue at the earliest," said Rubaina Rangwala, Senior Manager, WRI India.

11 Sep, 2020

Samrat Basak, Director of Urban Water, WRI India highlighted the need of incorporation of a blue green strategy for flood management and importance of collaborative government for maintaining it.