26 Dec, 2020

In the discussions on air pollution, IAP often loses out to outdoor pollution. But as the extent of the challenge shows, IAP is an equally big problem. Let’s not brush it under the carpet.

23 Dec, 2020

There are several interventions to achieve greening by communities in land-limited urban cores, which would provide a healthier, resilient and livable environment in the long-term

09 Dec, 2020

On the night of November 24th, a fire broke out at the Ghazipur landfill site in the capital, burning for over 24 hours till it could be brought under control and choking an already severely polluted city.

02 Dec, 2020

Buses are the mainstay of mobility systems. It will take several months for buses to reach pre-pandemic levels write Sree Kumar Kumaraswamy and Shilpa Kharwal

01 Dec, 2020

To build healthy, resilient communities, cities need additional investment from national and state governments, businesses and international donors.

23 Nov, 2020

Cities can work to enhance access to public parks, gardens and open spaces, with dedicated and semi-dedicated areas for young children that incorporate natural, play and sensory stimulants.